Our fresh Salmon comes from pristine and clean surroundings that are the natural feeding ground of wild Atlantic Salmon. Wild salmon leave the rivers of Europe and travel to feeding grounds around the Faroe Islands. Here the wild salmon grow and thrive before heading back to the rivers of Europe to spawn. Therefore, we can say that HiddenFjord salmon are raised in the most naturally desirable and sustainable surroundings as evidenced by thousands of years of instinctual behavior by wild Atlantic Salmon.

We get these beautiful raised Salmons whole and fresh directly shipped by air from the Fjords in the Faroe Island between Iceland and the Scandinavia Peninsula. We simply clean them, portioned them to 7 oz. servings and grill them smothered with fresh herbs, a bit of 100% virgin olive oil, and serve it with a cold stew of lentils, carrots and kale. It is simply delicious and healthy.

Grilled Salmon 30.

Buen Provecho!

Chef Carlos and Alicia







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